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Welcome to Chronicle Keeperz, a writer and publisher of personalized novelettes. What is a novelette, you ask? It’s a fancy name for a story.  As one of our writers likes to say, we write mini novels. Short novels which are written by us, and personalized by you. We can’t think of a better combination; because at Chronicle Keeperz, you're more than just a name on a page.

Why write personalized novelettes instead of personalized novels? Because we hope that you find Chronicle Keepers to be as unique as you are. Everyone is on the go these days. The average reader’s attention span in 20 minutes. While we can’t guarantee that you’ll finish any of our personalized books within that time span, we can say that you’ll be so far into your adventure it will be hard for you to put down your personalized book.

 A few of our personalized novelettes give you the opportunity to decide the outcome of some of the characters.  Try a personalized romance book that lets you decide between two lovers.  Or how about a personalized horror story where you decide which one of your characters becomes a vampire? Will it be you, one of your friends, or maybe an annoying co-worker or an ex?  Try one of our personalized mystery novelettes where the fate of some character's is left in your hands.  Will you save him or her or let them perish?

Play around with our Novelette Snippets!

Personalized Sample 1 - Novelette Snippet, Overtime   Personalized Sample 2 - Novelette Snippet, Discovery