Chronicle Keeperz​  We make it personal.  You make us unique.

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Chronicle Keeperz books cover a wide range of genres.  Including our personalized novelettes division, our catalog features children's adventure, young adult, romance, horror, sci-fi, and mystery.

Our authors thrive on mudding the lines of genres.  Don't be surprised to discover a dark romance with a twist of sci-fi, a horror with a kiss or romance, or a spy thriller with a bite of horror.  

Chronicle Keeper writers want to make your blood run hot or freeze in your veins. They want to make you cry out in indignation, scream in ecstasy tremble with fear, or shout in triumph.  Here we give authors license to let loose and create.

We hope you enjoy the experience.

*The Personalized Novelette Division is closed until Spring 2015.

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