Fantasy/Teen & Young Adult

Cross loves books. If he could, he would spend the whole day reading. After refereeing yet another squabble between his two best friends, who are also his cousins, Cross heads to his tree house to read in peace. He notices something red tangled among the branches of a tree and climbs to retrieve it. Cross discovers a large red balloon. Once he gets the balloon back to the treehouse, Cross is amazed to find the balloon, has big eyes, talks and as it turns out, is full of people…well...if you can call them people. 

The inhabitants of the balloon need Cross's help.  Reluctantly he and his cousins agree to aide the inhabitants of the balloon. The trio make a promise not to tell anyone of their discovery. Not an easy task when Cross's cousin Pam, has never kept a secret in her entire life.

Poor Cross! As if that is not enough, the balloon has one more secret to reveal and boy is it a whopper!

To The One I Love 

Written by Dawn Gena​

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

​*This book has been revised.  The new edition will be available the first week in September 2017

​​Women's Fiction/Anthology/Adults 18+

It's a foolish claim you understand a woman.  When describing the fairer sex, the word “complex” barely scratches the surface.

My Sister’s Soul is an anthology, which gives a fleeting glimpse into the lives of twenty women as they tell their stories of love, loss, lust, abuse, and revenge.

Turn the pages and say hello to a woman who finds her happily ever after in the arms of the policeman who arrests her as a possible terrorist.

Is the way to a man's death really through his stomach? 

Grab a cart and join a shopaholic as she loses more than her credit card.

We all know liars, but how many can say their best friend is so ashamed of her parents she tells everyone she's in foster care. 

They're all here.  Several lives.  Several stories.  One book.

The Secret, Prequel, The Galaxy Ryder Series by Dawn Gena

My Sister's Soul

Written by Dawn Gena

My Sister's Soul, An Anthology by Dawn Gena

Novelette/Romantic Prose/Love Letters/Clean Romance


"She already owns the most valuable thing I possess.  My heart.  All I have left to give her that's worth anything are my words.  Will she understand?  What can I say to make her mine?"

Jonathan has known what he wanted since his hungry eyes followed the dark haired beauty across a crowded cafe. Her name was Emily.

Jonathan decides to court Emily the old fashioned way, by sending her love letters.  Will Emily write him back or see Jonathan as a dinosaur and reject him?  

One man, one woman and twelve love letters filled with romantic prose and passion. Can Jonathan capture Emily's heart?  Read along and find out.

Click here to see the Chinese Zodiac Chart referenced to in To The One I Love.

 Fantasy/Romance/Teen & Young Adult

Four years ago Vakaat Lunagrogg and his people took off in their balloon to find their new home.  Vakaat also left behind a tangled mystery Crosspin Bryant has to unravel.  Vakaat hinted Cross was more than he appeared.  Why had the chief commander given the boy a medallion and told him he'd need it someday?  What reason would Cross have to ever call Vakaat for help?

Learning of the warning Vakaat sent Cross’s mother in a dream, Cross’s grandparents are forced to reveal a secret they had hoped would never see the light of day.

As his seventeenth birthday draws near, Cross starts to physically change.  He awakens one morning to find purple streaks in his hair.  A few weeks later, he’s throwing the school bully across a deserted hallway with little effort.

His life becomes even more complicated with the arrival of a new girl at school, Kemani.  Cross can’t explain why he is constantly pulled to seek out the quiet girl.  The more he gets to know Kemani, the more obvious it is to Cross that he is not the only person guarding secrets.

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The Discovery

Book One: The Galaxy Ryder Series

The Discovery, Book One, Galaxy Ryder Series by Dawn Gena

The Secret

Prequel: The Galaxy Ryder Series

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​*This book has been revised.  The new edition will be available the first week in September 2017

To The One I Love, A Novelette by Dawn Gena

To The One I Love 

Written by Dawn Gena

Novelette/Romantic Prose/Love Letters

I am not rich.

I am not famous.

She already owns my heart.

The only thing I have left to give her that's worth anything are my words.

I just hope she doesn't tear up my letters.

Jonathan Knows what he wants. He has since their eyes met across a crowded cafe. It is Emily. So what does a guy do when he finally meets the woman of his dreams? If you are Jonathan, you write her a letter.

This book depicts twelve letters filled with romantic prose that captures and seals the love between Jonathan and Emily from their first date until their final goodbye.