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Established in 2009, Chronicle Keeperz was an independent publisher of personalized novelettes.  Chronicle Keeperz was the first, and quite possibly, the only independent publisher specializing in personalized novelette serials.  Chronicle Keeperz has suspended the production of our personalized novelettes until further notice.

The publishing world is constantly changing.  To keep pace, the most logical step for us as a non-traditional publisher, was for Chronicle Keeperz to start publishing titles from diverse authors.  Our small publishing firm is still growing in the independent publishing sector, but in the near future, we will be adding more authors and offering more titles in a wider variety of genres.  Chronicle Keeperz’s talented author’s books can be purchased as an e-book or trade paperback at most online bookstores such as Barnes and Noble, Amazon, Kobo, Itunes and Smashwords to name a few.  We hope you will enjoy the authors and books we have featured on our website.

At Chronicle Keeperz we strive to present you with quality books you will want to read.  Our focus is and always has been on you, our readers.

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​​Liam Soahc – Chronicle Keeperz CEO

Chronicle Keeperz Independent Book Publisher

​It’s difficult to say no to a beautiful woman.  It is near impossible to open your mouth to try and say no when four beautiful women bat their eyes at you and say “Pretty please!”  Liam didn’t even try.  Though when asked, he always tells people he was run to the ground and hog tied until he told the ladies yes.  Hmm, maybe one of our writers could turn that scenario into a best seller?  No matter which version you believe, that is how Liam Soahc became the CEO for Chronicle Keeperz. 

Liam knew nothing about publishing and wasn’t sure he wanted to learn.  He had a successful career as an engineer with a Fortune 500 company and was happy jet-setting all over the globe.  The ladies said, “No problem, you finance us and we’ll do all the work.”  Yeah, right!  From the word go, Liam found himself knee deep in paper work and proof reading; and up to his elbows in websites and marketing.  Now, finally beaten into submission, he looks back on those first years fondly.

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