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“What do you want Wendell?” Cross demanded.  “We don’t have any money.  We spent it on lunch.”

“What’s that?” Wendell demanded.  He quickly leaned toward Cross as one of his long fingers snagged under the chain drawing the gleaming chain and medallion from under his tee shirt and into everyone’s view.  “Sweet!” Wendell exclaimed.  “Is this platinum?” 

“It doesn’t matter what it is, Wendell, you can’t have it,” Cross said as he angrily smacked Wendell’s hand away. 

Wendell’s eyes narrowed.  His nostrils flared as he leaned forward and lowered his face until it was directly in front of Cross.  “Look Pin-head, I’m trying to be nice, but I don’t mind being nasty one bit.” 

Cross eased back, “Yeah. If your breath is any indication, I believe you can be very nasty.”  Cross heard Derek chuckle. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Wendell draw back his meaty fist.  Before Wendell’s fist could make contact with his face, Cross threw a bunch of his own.  Wendell's hazel eyes widened in surprise as his large body slammed into the lockers across the hall from the cousins, then slid down to the floor. 

Cross stared at his clenched hand in wonder.  He couldn’t believe what had just happened.  He looked up to find his cousins in front of him where Wendell had stood moments before, mouths hanging open. 

“Whatever you’re eating, I’m eating from now on,” Derek said after he managed to close his mouth.  “How did you do that?” 

“I wish I knew,” Cross answered as he studied his hand once more. 

The Discovery

Excerpt From

The Discovery by Dawn Gena

Teen-Young Adult, Fantasy, Romance

Coming Soon

The Discovery, Book One, The Galaxy Ryder by Dawn Gena

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