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Scotney likes her romance the way she likes her men, gritty with a side of nasty.  It should come as no surprise that is how you will find the men in some of her novels.  Scotney sees love as an obstacle course laden with challenges, pitfalls, and heartache.  The victor is anyone’s guess, but the winner may get more than they bargained for.

Scotney has written educational periodicals in the past.  Her desk is filled with stories she now has time to share.  Scotney’s first novel, Silent Menace is due to be released late 2017.

​Dawn grew up in the southwest but later returned to the east coast where she was born. When she was young, the stories used to jump off the pages and run around in her head sparking all kinds of ideas and adventures she couldn't wait to create on paper. These days the characters in her head don't just run around, they stomp and scream to be let out. Be warned, the gate is unlocked and the cage is wide open.


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People who know Ariana Mills think it’s funny that she writes novels.  In person, Ariana is rather quiet and introspective.  If you can get her to speak more than five sentences consecutively, you have accomplished a miracle.

She loves erotica. Her friends believe she creates stories from her own experiences, but she claims nothing can be further from the truth.

Ariana writes about hunger.  A driving, burning need that delves deeper than sex and nearly drives a person insane as they seek satisfaction. She writes about a woman's desire to have a man so close she’d wear him like a wetsuit and still not be close enough. Her characters are obsessive, lost, bold and intelligent, though sometimes the latter gets tossed out the window in their pursuit of love or pleasure.

To her, a potential lover’s first look, touch or word has meaning. They are the tentative steps, which begin the dance. Ariana hopes you will read her debut dark romance novel, Forever Now. The e-book will be available at online bookstores soon.