The Secret, Book One, The Galaxy Ryder Series by Dawn Gena

The cousins climbed the tree house and spotted Cross crouched at one end of the deck staring at a very large yellow balloon. 

“That’s not the same balloon,” Derrick stated. 

“It is,” Cross informed Derrick.  “It was red when I got it out of the branches.  I tied the balloon to the post and went to get water.  When I came back the balloon was blue.  I touched it and the balloon turned yellow and then the balloon looked at me!” 

“Looked at you?  Come on!”  Pam echoed in disbelief. 

“See for yourself,” Cross suggested.  Derrick and Pam turned to study the balloon.  As the cousins moved closer they could indeed see a pair of brilliant green eyes just below the surface.  The eyes seemed to be watching Cross. 

“Butter on a biscuit!”  Derrick exclaimed.  The green eyes blinked and turned their bright gaze on the newcomers.  

“Told you!”  Cross said as he rose from the corner of the deck and came to stand next to his friends. 

“Wow!”  Pam exclaimed.  “What do you think it is?  Do you think it can talk?” 

Before Cross could answer the question, a voice came from the large yellow orb.  “Why are you asking him?  Shouldn’t you be directing your question to me?”  The green eyes had shifted to focus solely on Pam. 

All three children jumped back as the balloon spoke.  

“If that thing grows legs I’m so out of here!”  Derrick informed them when he could find his voice.

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Excerpt From The Secret by Dawn Gena

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The Secret

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