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Silent Menace by Scotney Storm

Dead On Arrival

Book One:  Heartbeat In Hell Trilogy

Written by Scotney Storm


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Paranormal Suspense/Romance/Thriller/Adult 18+

A routine day at Pegasus Investigations turns into a nightmare when bounty hunters/private investigators Francenzia (Frankie) and Nicola (Niki) Giacomo search for a chronic bail-jumper.  

At the end of their search, the bounty hunters not only find the bail-jumper but something so sinister it rocks the foundation of the world as the women know it.  Even worse the darkest of shadows has latched on to the investigators and won’t let go.  Now they are in a race to save their family and friends as well as themselves.  Survival is a very slim option.  The question is, how?

All the books in The Menace Series can be read as stand alones though some characters or scenes may be referred to from a previous book.

Paranormal Romance/Suspense/Adult 18+

Famous Mystery writer, Brooklyn ‘Brooke’ Sinclair has a severe heart condition and finds out she is not eligible for a heart transplant because of other medical issues.  She is in the hospital, possibly hours from death when another patient in the hospital visits her.  The visitor claims he has watched her fight death.  He claims he has a way to help Brooke escape death and hands her an aged scroll, which contains a map.  The patient offers no other explanation or details about the map and quickly leaves.  As soon as Brooke's hand wraps around the map, a strength she hasn’t felt in months suffuses her body.  Amazed, with nothing to lose, Brooke decides to follow the map to its final destination.  If touching the map made her stronger, can whoever or whatever she meets at the end of her journey cure her?

Silent Menace

Written by Scotney Storm

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Dead On Arrival, Book One, Heartbeat In Hell Trilogy by Scotney Storm