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Forever Now

Book One: Forgotten Encounters Trilogy

Written by Ariana Mills​

Dark Romance/Suspense/Adult 18+

I have loved her since our junior year at Columbia University. Somehow I wound up as her best friend. All in all, it's not a bad place to be in Jodie Reardon's life but I want more.  It's been eight years and every day I've promised myself I would tell Jodie how I felt.  Today, tomorrow, then next week, then the next year; that failing, the following year, I vowed to talk to her. Obviously, I'm not good at keeping promises to myself. 

Today Jodie told me, she and Mark, her slimy boyfriend, plan to elope because no one seems to approve of their getting married.  It will never happen.  Jodie will see me.  She will love me.  Even if I kill her, she'll die mine; in my arms with my name on her lips.  My name is Victor Knight and I'm done making promises.  From now on, I deal in stone cold facts.


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Forever Now, Book One, Forgotten Encounters Trilogy by Ariana Mills

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