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Forever Now

Excerpt From

Forever Now by Ariana Mills

“Mark and I are getting married.”

Something teased the back of my mind and the more it took shape, the more I knew.  Jodie would never marry Mark or any other loser she managed to dredge up.  I was stupid not to tell her how I felt.  She was an even bigger idiot for not seeing that the perfect man for her had been by her side for eight years.  My patience with our situation was at an end.

I know I wasn’t being rational but Jodie was mine!  By this time next week, she would be married.  Call it insanity, if a label must be affixed to my actions, because Jodie would be my wife, no matter what I had to do.

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Forever Now, Book One, Forgotten Encounters Trilogy by Ariana Mills

Suspense, Dark Romance

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