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Forever Now

Excerpt From Forever Now by Ariana Mills

“We’re getting married.”

She sat across from me smiling; unaware she had just shattered my heart.  Her words rang a death knell in my head.  In that precise moment, I still loved her with everything I had, but I also hated her.

“I guess I should be offering you congratulations.”  Words stuck in my throat.  I swallowed.  “Have you two set a date?”  I finally choked out.  Jodie, wrapped in her cloud of bliss, was oblivious to my pain or stilted manner.

A guilty blush suffused her cheeks.  Her brilliant jade eyes darted away from mine. ‘Um, we are going to elope next week.  You know how my family feels about Mark.  Actually, you're my only friend who tolerates him for a length of time.” she explained. “He doesn’t have any family to speak of, so this seemed to be the best solution.”  Jodie finished lamely.

I couldn’t stand it.  “Jodie, do you hear yourself?  Do you really want to tie yourself to someone your friends and family don’t like?  And before you say, ‘They’ll come around’, treat yourself to a reality check.  You’ve been dating Mark for almost three years.  I don’t believe anyone is going to change his or her opinion of the guy because you were crazy enough to say, I do.”

I know it made me an utter ass, but I enjoyed wiping that blissful expression from Jodie’s face.  She stared across the table at me with wounded eyes and lips that trembled.  I had hurt her.  Not as much as she hurt me, we were far from even, by my calculation.

“Where is this coming from Victor?  You’re my best friend.  I thought you supported my decisions.  Will you desert me too, if I marry Mark?” 

I couldn’t answer her.  Something teased the back of my mind and the more it took shape, the more I knew.  Jodie would never marry Mark or any other loser she managed to dredge up.  I was stupid not to tell her how I felt.  She was an even bigger idiot for not seeing that the perfect man for her had been by her side for eight years.  My patience with our situation was at an end.

I know I wasn’t being rational but Jodie was mine!  By this time next week, she would be married.  Call it insanity, if a label must be affixed to my actions, because Jodie would be my wife, no matter what I had to do.

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Forever Now, Book One, Forgotten Encounters Trilogy by Ariana Mills

Suspense, Dark Romance

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