Love Story, Prose, Novelette

This book is composed of love letters.  Six letters from Jonathan and Emily's six corresponding letters.  Also included are the twelve Chinese Zodiac signs.  Why are the Chinese Zodiac in a book of love letters?  Download the novelette for free to find out.  You can find the Chinese Zodiac Calendar here.

My Dear Willing Prisoner,

They say the art of writing letters are attributed to those of a dying breed.  I am proud to count myself the friend of a member of a depleting tribe.  I must admit, Jonathan, you intrigue me.  Your method of asking me to share a meal may be archaic, but also very refreshing.  In all honesty, you rang my bell at the word ‘dinner’.  Angel or not, my appetite leans toward something a lot more substantial than moon dust!

This adventure you mention, speak of it to me in person.  I want to see your beautiful mouth form the words as they pass across your lips.  The lips I crave to have whisper promises in my ear.  The lips I hunger to know the feel of as they press against mine.

If you are my prisoner, we are beyond a doubt lost, for I am your ardent slave.  Your wit and laughter draw me to you.  Your caring heart has bound me as surely as any chain.

Where and when shall we dine?

Your Ever Ardent Slave

​To The One I Love

To The One I Love by Dawn Gena

Excerpt From To The One I Love By Dawn Gena

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