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Dead On Arrival, Book One, Heartbeat In Hell Trilogy by Scotney Storm

Paranormal Romance, Suspense


When I bought my big beautiful bed, fantasies fired my imagination of a cornucopia of wild nights with an even wilder lover.  We would twist, roll and pant through countless sexual dances until exhaustion claimed us.

At least one part of my fantasy came true, I do twist, roll, and pant.  The lover, however, is nowhere to be seen.  Death has claimed my lover’s place in my beautiful bed as we wage a contentious battle amidst my five hundred thread count sheets.  Death is determined to take what I am unwilling to give.  My life.

His arsenal is dastardly and well equipped.  My chest roils with pain.  Sharp daggers pierce my heart.  I struggle to breathe; drowning, as fluid surrounds my heart and fills my lungs.  Death’s cold hands pull me down into the dark depths of nothingness.  I fight as I drown in my big beautiful bed.

My need for air overcomes Death’s wily tactics.  Today, like the day before, I declare victory in our long-standing confrontation.  There are times I am not sure the outcome will be in my favor.  Our desperate skirmishes have raged on for years with no relief.  Peace?  I don’t know what that is.  I am never totally free of Death.  He bombards me hourly…daily.  Payne is my constant companion.  She is an endless nagging reminder that every breath I take is hard won.  I do my best to ignore Death and make Payne my bitch.

The way I see it, if Death wants me so badly, he’s going to have to chase my dying ass as Payne and I zip up and down the streets of my new home in Hell on my electric blue Vespa.  Life isn’t easy, but nothing on this planet, or beyond, could make me welcome Death’s chilling kiss.

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Dead of Arrival

Excerpt From Dead On Arrival by Scotney Storm