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Chronicle Keeperz is a small publisher.  As such, we probably get to know our authors and their books a bit better than the larger publishers.  At Chronicle Keeperz, our staff of two, wear many hats.  One job that I have had since the ladies talked (coerced) me into joining Chronicle Keeperz Personalized Novelettes was to create the book trailers.

What guy can say no to playing around with technology?  Every video you see on this site is or was composed by yours truly.  I found the old book trailers from our personalized days and decided to throw them up here just for fun.  I might even throw the personalized samples back up sometime in the future.  I'm no Martin Scorsese.  To misquote one of my wife's favorite songstresses, "Be kind.  I'm an artist and I'm sensitive about my sh*t".  (Not really.  You should hear the names I get called when I'm pushing the writers to keep their deadlines!)  

Chronicle Keeperz Old Stuff

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